Scallop Carpaccio over Celeriac & Granny Apple Purée


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Ingredients (for 6 people)

550 g celeriac
18 sea scallops
3 medium Granny Smith apples
120 g of mascarpone
50 cl of milk
6 cl of olive oil
2 limes
Sea salt and pepper for seasoning
Espelette pepper


Granny apple and celeriac purée:

1-Cut the celeriac into cubes and boil in milk for about 15min. Drain and smash into a purée (or mix using a blender). Add the mascarpone and let cool.

2-Peel the apples and cut into brunoise-like pieces (1 to 2mm on each side). Add the pieces to the celeriac purée.


3-Cut each scallop into thin slices and place them on a large plate. Top the scallop slices with the olive oil, lime juice, salt and peppers. Set aside.


4-On each plate, using a round cookie cutter, place the celeriac purée. On top of the purée disc, arrange the scallop slices. Top with the rest of the olive oil/lime juice, and espelette pepper

Optional: add chives and/or dry sea weed.

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