Italian Vibes in Paris @ Pink Mamma


Pink Mamma is the 6th Italian restaurant opened in Paris by the booming Big Mamma group (created by Victor Lugger and Tigrane Seydoux). After the traditional trattoria East Mamma in the eastern part of Paris close to Bastille, the cocktail bar and restaurant Ober Mamma in Oberkampf, the fresh pasta place Mamma Primi in the trendy Batignolles district, the brunch spot Big Love Caffè in the Marais and finally the (very) affordable pizzeria Popolare near Grands Boulevards, Big Mamma group continues to grow bigger and bigger and opened a new location close to Pigalle. Pink Mamma, as you may have guessed, specializes in grilled meats, while offering a wide range of fresh, authentic Italian specialties like San daniele ham, burrata, pizza, pasta and other wonders.

Pink Mamma is nested in a four-story building, whose brick walls are covered in lengthy, luscious green ivy. Each floor is uniquely decorated, and if you are lucky enough (meaning, if you are ready to queue for about 45mn!), you could have a spot at one of the wooden or marble tables at the very top floor, and enjoy natural light from the glass roof (See picture!)

I would highly recommend this place if you are into excellent Italian food and are longing for a perfect restaurant experience, from the service (friendly Italian waiters), the top notch, fresh and authentic dishes, and great value for money. It is rare in Paris to manage all three criteria!


“Rocco’s cut”: Marinated 250g piece of beef bavette


Ceviche with mango and kiwi


Octopus dish with chimichurri, Pasta bowl with creamy burrata and zucchini blossoms, Eggplant and pepper Pizza topped with ricotta and basil


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