Who and where?

My name is Emilie, I am a 27 year old Franco-American Communications Professional, living in Paris.

Why and what?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved eating pastries or any kind of food for that matter! My mom used to cook all the time when I was young, and I loved to help her out in the kitchen. She’s an excellent cook and I learned a lot from her. I started cooking on my own when I was a student at McGill (Montreal, Canada).  I used to throw cupcake parties and Sunday brunch gatherings in my student flat!

This blog is a creative outlet and open space where I can share my passion for cooking, food styling, and hopefully inspire others along the way. I hope you’ll enjoy spending some time here 🙂 I take my photos using a Samsung NX-3000 camera, under natural light only. If it’s not in my kitchen or living room, I’ll set up the dish I made on my tiny Parisian balcony.

What’s the best cooking advice you’re ever received?

It wasn’t so much advice, but the “just do it” attitude bestowed on me. Always try new recipes, you might just find your new favorite one… or you might throw that recipe into the shred pile, but regardless, it keeps your horizons open to testing new things. That way, you’ll never get stuck in a food rut or let your comfort zone hold you back from experiencing!

Describe your cooking style in three words:

Easy. Spontaneous. Aesthetic.


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